Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Biofreeze: A Healthy Way To Help With Arthritis Pain

There are so many people in North America that suffer from arthritis pain and even teenagers can be affected.  Anyone who has this debilitating disease knows all about the chronic pain. As our joints become inflamed, movement becomes painful. While there is a lot of medication to help with this (as yet there is unfortunately no cure), it often comes with side effects.  It is always important for you to consult your doctor or rheumatologist, however there are some natural ways to help with your arthritis pain.

Many Americans are overweight, which adds unnecessary pressure to our inflamed joints.  So needless to say, one of the best remedies is to lose that extra weight.  Each pound that you lose is responsible for four pounds of pressure on your knees.  Often if you lose a significant amount of weight, such as 10 or 20 pounds, this could result in disappearing arthritis symptoms.

There is also a relatively new method of combating arthritis by applying a Biofreeze. Studies show that the application of something really cold can be beneficial for muscle pain and that includes arthritis. This cold method goes under the name of cryotherapy and it can give us a temporary relief from joint and muscle pain, but may also help in other areas such as back pain and strains.  Biofreeze enables a faster relaxation of muscles. The most active ingredient is menthol, which always gives a nice cooling effect.

Biofreeze comes in all shapes and sizes from gel in a tube, spray or pump bottles and you can even get it as a roll-on.  Simply massage this onto the area affected and it quickly absorbs into the body.  If you don’t like the idea of massaging it into your skin, you can apply it with the spray or roll-on, either way your sore joints will thank you!  Biofreeze also comes in various sizes, so order a travel size or family size today.