Monday, July 29, 2013

Ergonomic Nada-Chair: A Consumer Favored Alternative For Chronic Back Pain Relief

Are you looking for instant relief?  Of course you are, if you have chronic back pain!  The Nada-Chair puts you in positions of good posture, not only giving you the relief you crave, but also providing you with a healing process if you continue use when needed.  It is the chair that you wear, and it's what's trending in the back pain area of expert advice. 

Imagine taking this lightweight, compact, ergonomic Nada-Chair on a fishing trip, or maybe even that camping trip you've been putting off for months.  Not only is the Nada-Chair an excellent travel companion,  but it can be used comfortably in tighter spaces, such as on an airplane, train or bus.  This nifty sling can pretty much go with you everywhere, even into space!  Just ask the astronauts who have used it to help ease micro-G induced back pain during those long rigorous rides.  You too will notice your mobility is going to increase, and you will feel the effects immediately as it provides that satisfactory instant relief.

The idea here is for you to get better and get over your back pain.  Everyone has a different time-frame for healing and one thing is for sure, this product will help you out each day along the way, as it pushes you in a positive direction towards recovery.  Take advantage of this consumer favored alternative that's drug-free and not reliant upon heavy medications or surgeries.  Order your Nada-Chair today!  

Monday, July 15, 2013

Toppik: Organic Keratin Protein Fibers Covers Thinning Hair

Thinning hair can be very traumatizing because it can make you look older then you actually are.  No hair shampoo or conditioner products can help you hide this issue, so many men/women prefer to just cut their hair very short when they notice the loss.
If you also suffer from thinning hair, we've got good news for you.  There is a product which can help you restore the healthy look of your hairs without the help of any chemicals.  Toppik Hair Building Fibers are made from Keratin.  The keratin proteins are charged with a tiny electric current and are attracted to hair shafts, which have a negative electric charge.  When these protein fibers bind, to the hair shafts; the hair looks thicker. It is a cosmetic enhancement and the effect would disappear once you stop using the product.

Applying the product is very easy.  First of all, you should make sure your hair is completely dry.  Hold the container 2-3 inches above your problem areas and shake it liberally while holding the bottle with the opening facing down.  Don't worry if you apply too much.  It will perfectly blend into your natural hair.

Toppik stays put until you wash your hair.  It is resistant to bad weather conditions, such as strong wind and rain and it's also resistant to sweat, so you can go to the gym worry free.

The product is absolutely invisible.  You only need to make sure you choose the Toppik Hair Building Fibers which are exactly the same color as your natural hair, otherwise they will be noticeable.  Toppik is compatible with other hair products and hair growth drugs, so you can use them together without damaging your hair follicles.  Toppik only helps you hide your condition, it doesn't cure it.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

What Do You Know About Gyroscopic Fitness Exercises?

A gyroscopic fitness ball or a gyro ball for short is a very novel exercise device. Those who love it claim that it can benefit individuals in a number of ways.  The gyro ball can help strengthen and sculpt wrists, forearms, shoulders, and hands.  People with arthritis, wrist injuries, and carpel tunnel syndrome can use it to help with rehabilitation.  The gyro ball basically operates as an isometric resistance device which are proven to be strengthening tools.

The gyroscopic fitness ball is about the size of a tennis ball and has a rotor in the center.  When the ball is activated it starts to rotate.  Some gyro balls have LED lights embedded so they light up, although this is mostly just for show.

Other gyro balls rotate quickly enough to provide 45 pounds of resistance and you control the ball by fighting the resistance, just as you would any isometric exercise against the floor or a wall or against an opposite limb.

Studies also show that the gyro ball can help strengthen and tone the shoulders, arms, hands, and wrists in much the same way that dumbbell curls do.  If the gyro ball is set at 13,000 rpm and the user controls it for thirty to forty seconds, it is supposed to provide the user a good muscle burn.  The resistance on the gyro balls can be set between one pound and forty pounds, which makes it good for almost anyone, beginner to advanced users.  In the lower speed range, it can be used for rehabilitative work by generating a very small amount of resistance.

The gyro ball is good for people who are undergoing rehab and for musicians who want to increase their dexterity, coordination, and strength in their hands and wrists.  It is also good for athletes who play sports such as basketball, golf, tennis, and baseball.  The gyro ball as also been known to aid those who use a computer for long periods of time, because it can help relax the hands.  Many seniors have also found the gyro ball useful in  maintaining flexibility and coordination in their wrists and hands.

The gyroscopic fitness ball is effective and it is definitely a piece of fitness equipment worth considering if strength and tone in the arms, shoulders, wrists and hands are your goal.